Satrangi Guidelines

In order to ensure a safe space for expression, we have come up with a few guidelines which all Satrangi events will follow.

Satrangi Inclusivity Guidelines

The 9 Commandments

- Anyone can participate
- No one can be forced to reveal their sexual orientation or gender identity
- All members must respect each others’ identities
- All members must respect every individual’s personal choice to be out or not
- All members should strive to address others by their preferred names and pronouns
- No information regarding members’ identities and personal life (including photographs) should be divulged or posted on social media without clear consent from the member(s) concerned
- All members must respect every individual’s comfort with explicit language/media/actions etc. or lack thereof and provide necessary trigger warnings whenever possible
- STRICTLY NO homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, queerphobia, hate speech, bigotry, discrimination, or any such speech or actions that might hinder other members’ participation in Satrangi events or be an affront to their dignity will be allowed
- Serious cases of violation of guidelines will result in being reported to COSA or IC in addition to barring participation from future Satrangi events