Lets make this world a better place.

Starting at our home: IISER Pune

Create a Safe Space

We strive to build a platform for safe exploration and expression of identity.


We try to create awareness regarding sexual and gender minorities and tackle the problems they face


To organise events and workshops that explore culture through the queer lens.

Outreach Programs

We organise outreach programmes that foster support and allyship.

Let's create a sense of community, acceptance and inclusivity for those on the spectrum

There is a need to create a more inclusive space on campus for students who do not necessarily fit into conventional societal definitions of gender and sexuality. We, Satrangi (IISER Pune), are an LGBTQIA+ collective to address the many issues that those on the spectrum face. We intend to not only create a safe space of tolerance, acceptance and inclusion, but also change mindsets and erase the stigma that plague gender and sexual minorities.

IISER Pune Pride March